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Scott McGillivray has been a strong supporter of Habitat for Humanity's mission for 10 years now.

To celebrate Canada 150th, Scott shares his reasons to build as part of the Carter Work Project of building 150 homes this year - Habitat Canada's biggest build project yet.

What are your reasons to build? Share yours on your preferred social media platform and use the following hashtags #150ReasonstoBuild #HabitatCWP @HabitatKingston

To learn more about the Carter Work Project click here. 

Goal: To Serve at Least Three Families per Year

Habitat for Humanity Kingston Limestone Region is serving at least three families every year as part of our 2020 Board Vision.

In 2017 we will be building in Napanee and in Kingston. Join our Newsletter Today to keep updated on our build projects.

The Good Shepherd Legacy Projecy:

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario and Habitat for Humanity Kingston Limestone Region will be partnering with 6 families to build three duplexes and a community centre on Cowdy Street, Kingston. We are looking for community orgnaizations, volunteers, families, and sponsors to help us carry this project successfully. Contact us at volunteer@habitatkingston.com or call 613-548-8763 ext.202

First duplex is expected to break ground in October of this year. 

Our Families (2017)

The Moedt Family (Kingston)

From left to right: Tori, Kaye. Photo cred: Shea Lonneberg

"Home is a place where we can be ourselves...a place where Tori can dance and play her music and be just a kid," Kaye Moedt shared. 

The Moedt Family is one of the Good Shepherd Legacy partner families. Stay tuned for our ground breaking ceremony this Fall. 


The Lovelace Family (Kingston)

“A place where I can hang my hat and call it home after a long day of work,” shared Nathan Lovelace when asked what home meant to him.

The Lovelace family is one of the Good Shepherd Legacy partner families. Stay tuned for our ground breaking ceremony this Fall. 


From left to right: Nathaniel, Cole, Nathan, Virginia. Photo cred: Kaitlyn McCain


The Mathias Family (Napanee)

"Our story dictates we are not afraid of doing what it takes," Rachel shared. "After having an open discussion with our [children] we are committed as an entire family."

Build is ongoing! Join us in this project and learn new skills, make new friends and give a hand up to the Mathias family. 

From left to right: Rachel, James, Dylan, Joseph. Photo cred: Kaitlyn McCain

2016 Builds

Our first home in Napanee has been completed and the family has moved in just in time before the Holidays Season.

From left to right: Chris, Gabriel, Krista. 

If you have any other questions about upcoming events or builds please contact us at: 

Habitat for Humanity Kingston & Frontenac 

607 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON Canada K7M 3Y4

Phone: (613) 548-8763
Fax: (613) 547-4119
Email: ceo@habitatkingston.com


How Habtitat for Humanity Works


Habitat for Humanity Kingston & Frontenac partners with families, businesses, organizations, and individuals to build simple, affordable, and energy efficient homes. These homes are sold at no profit, to selected families through long term, no-interest mortgages.

Families must prove a need for housing, an ability to meet mortgage payments, and a willingness to contribute hundreds of hours of their own labour, known as “sweat equity”, to the building of their own house or the houses of others.

The homeowners' monthly mortgage payments go into a fund that is used to build more homes. The more homes that exist, the more cash flow there is available for further building. This Revolving Fund for Humanity is what fuels growth in the number of houses that are built over time. 

Habitat for Humanity Kingston & Frontenac is proud to have built 13 homes, here in the Greater Kingston area, since our affiliate was founded. With the help of our wonderful community we have given 14 deserving families a beautiful place to live. Habitat for Humanity Kingston & Frontenac would like to thank everyone involved in making these accomplishments possible.

If you are interested in giving us a hand on our build projects, either through monetary donation, or volunteer your time, please check out the following links: