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Creativity Corner

Let your imagination run free! There is no end to what can be created with things from the ReStore. Take pictures of your creations and bring them in to the ReStore [map] or send them to us through email glees@habitat.ca Be sure to tell us:

  • What your creation is
  • What materials you used
  • Who is in the photo
  • Where it was taken
  • When it was taken
  • Any other bit of interesting info


Here are a few things we have seen already:

  Aquarium hood made with cupboard doors, trim, lights, and lumber all purchased from the ReStore

      Ali, one of our volunteers, created these festive snowmen out of glass lamp shades and a few other bits and       bobs. The fireplace mantle was hand-crafted by one of our partner families.

      These simple coat racks were put together by James, our consistently creative carpenter from cupboard              doors, and old hardware.

      Console table made with slate tiles of various sizes, and lumber all purchased from the ReStore. 

If you have built a kitchen or bathroom with items purchased at the ReStore please send of pictures of the finished project. We have heard of all sorts of different ideas for things to create. Be sure to let us know what you are up to so we can pass the word along to others. The possibilities are truly endless.